The Inevitable…

Ahhh, back to blogland.  So this is the inevitable first post.  This is a brand new blog for me, I’ve taken a year or so off blogging and A LOT has changed since then!  First and foremost, my life has begun!  You see, before I was kind of drifting aimlessly through life, eventually being sucked down a vortex, almost to extinction, but then I heard this beautiful song.  I heard it in my heart.  My soulmate was singing to me…I opened my eyes for the first time and started my life anew.  This is where the phoenix comes in.  If I were to be a mythological creature, I would most definitely be a phoenix.  I arose from the ashes.  I am so incredibly in love with my life now that I need a creative outlet.  I have many, but one of my passions is writing and the idea of a blog where I could pour my heart out (now that my heart is filled with joy and love) was too good to resist.  I hope you will enjoy the journey as much as I will…


~ by Pho3nix on December 30, 2009.

2 Responses to “The Inevitable…”

  1. I am thrilled that you are full of love and joy and that you have started the journey you were waiting for! You are amazing ( :

  2. Shine on beautiful…

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