M’iPhone ♥

I have a new love.  It’s no longer just my Wife, my dog and my cat.  I’m talking about my iPhone.  I have dreamed of owning this phone since they started developing it; years before it was released in the US, I was reading up on Apple’s latest mobile technological feat.  That dream came true at the hands of my Tasha this Christmas.  I remember drooling over the video introducing the iPhone, presented by founder of Apple, Steve Jobs himself.  Say what you like Mac haters…this phone is by far the most intuitive touch screen phone out there.  And with the 3Gs being 2x faster, apps for anything you could think of, and amazing features like voice control, voice memos, compass and more, I really can’t say enough about it, so here, take a look!

*Don’t get me wrong, I still adore my Wife, my dog and my cat more than anything.  But as far as toys go…I will love my iPhone until its little processor heart stops beating.


~ by Pho3nix on January 2, 2010.

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