Laundry Blogging

So I’m sitting in the local laundromat (blogging in the WordPress App for my iPhone), I’ve been inundated by the smell of Gain (my favourite laundry detergent of all time – thanks to Tash for bringing it into my life). I used to hate doing laundry; it was always such a chore. However, these days, I actually look forward to doing it. This isn’t just because I’m marginally addicted to my detergent, or the satisfying feeling I get when I’m putting all of my clean clothes away at home. It’s because I enjoy SO MUCH any time spent doing something with my Wife*. I have never enjoyed anyone’s company so much. As I’ve told Tash… I’d rather do nothing with her than something with somebody else. So thank you, Love, for making every event in my life shine…

* We are in fact engaged, not married but we FEEL married and fondly refer to each other as ‘Wife’.


~ by Pho3nix on January 5, 2010.

One Response to “Laundry Blogging”

  1. Somewhere between spin and rinse, there lies truth…

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