Rockband Tickets

So I play Rockband 2.  And Guitar Hero(es).  Totally a PS3 geek.  The truth is though, before Tasha, I was a FPS gamer (that would be First Person Shooter).  I had heard often enough from my friends about their sweet, sweet addictions to Rockband and similar games, but I’d never actually played myself.  All of that changed on Thanksgiving 2009.  That is the day my Rockband character, Tickets, was born.  But before I tell you how I got into these games, I have to tell you the origin of my nickname ‘Tickets’.

One evening while sitting around the backyard fire pit at our good friend Nanc’s place, after consuming several beers, we were all telling stories.  As our friend Chrys was relating pub crawl tales to Tasha, she was describing using the women’s washrooms in our city pubs, where you have to ‘hover’ above the toilet because you DO NOT want to sit down.  FYI: Hovering can be quite difficult when you’re drunk.  At around this point, in my infinite drunken wisdom, (it was a bathroom story), I thought it would be funny to remind Tasha of our other friend’s reference to toilet paper being ‘shit tickets’.  Only I couldn’t get her attention.  Eventually, after several failed attempts, no longer able to contain myself, I grabbed Tash’s knee and interjected at a near yell ‘SHIT TICKETS!!!’  Both Chrys and Tasha went silent and looked at me for a moment before breaking out in laughter.  My nickname since that night has been ‘Tickets’, especially when we hang around these friends.  Thank you Coors Light for that.

Fast forward to Thanksgiving a few months later, when Chrys and Pat brought their Wii to Nanc’s along with Rockband 2.  We had been talking about playing this together for some time, Chrys and Pat are crazy good at it.  Tasha was also no stranger and jumped on the Rockband wagon right away, while I timidly watched in the background.  She was awesome at it!  I thought it was so sexy : )  Eventually, I wanted to try it out, and created myself a character, whose name was of course – Tickets.  What else?

We’ve spent many hours playing Rockbands 1 & 2 and the Beatles version with Chrys and Pat at their place, but eventually we procured ourselves a PS3 and we now play at home.  Tasha’s character is named ‘Bitch’.  This has always been the name of her characters, even when she played with her ex, sister and friends long before we were together.  I’m Tickets, of course.  Our band’s name is ‘Lesbionic Guitors’, (another drunken slip by me, saying ‘guitor’ instead of ‘guitar’ – why can I NEVER live anything down? I would like to note here that my Wife is known for having a brain like Teflon – she forgets everything. Yet she remembers, in detail, every little humiliating slip I’ve made when drunk.  How convenient.  Maybe instead of selective hearing, she’s got selective memory.)

Here is the Lesbionic Guitors band logo. The toaster is significant because I am Tasha’s *toaster.  The band is made up of Tickets, Bitch and different artists they recruit in every town they gig for vocals and drums.

Tickets plays lead guitor, her hometown is Dublin, Ireland (she has a clover tattoo on her chest).  Her favourite rockband 2 song is Lazy Eye by Silversun Pickups.

Bitch plays Bass guitor, her hometown is Boston, USA.  She plays a 1962 Fender Jazz Bass.  Her favourite Rockband 2 song is A Jagged Gorgeous Winter by The Main Drag.

*Ellen DeGeneres made the toaster oven joke famous. The joke is based on the premise that there is a secret-society lesbian recruiting service – kind of like Amway – that gives out toaster ovens when you “turn somebody gay.” It’s the gay/lesbian way of making fun of all those closed minded people who think we’re out there recruiting their children to some ungodly cult.


~ by Pho3nix on January 11, 2010.

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