I Like To Wake Up To Music…

I’m fairly new to the whole iPhone movement.  So new in fact, that my 3Gs has the latest bootrom, making it a bitch to jailbreak and get all kinds of awesome 3rd party apps, not to mention customizable themes and icons from winterboard…but hey, I figure it’s not worth the pain in the ass right now.  Eventually, GeoHot will come out with a way to do an untethered jailbreak for the 3Gs’ latest bootrom and I’ll be customizing to my heart’s desire.  Until that day, I am sticking to the original iPhone firmware.  Which really isn’t that bad, I mean, it’s Apple, so it’s pretty.

Of course, this also means that I’m sticking with the ‘Apple approved apps’, and for me, who doesn’t have the money to spend on apps, I need free ones.  Good free ones.  I’ve been drawn lately to some of the alarm tunes apps.  This is an alarm clock app that allows you to set an alarm using any song in your iPhone’s music library.  Pretty awesome if you’re sick of the same old beep.  However, the huge drawback to these apps is that unless you dock your iPhone at night (so that it stays charged) the app will drain your battery so that your phone dies on you half way through the next day.  Not so convenient.  The most unfortunate part is that using the iPhone’s clock, you can set and save as many alarms as you’d like, but you can’t use music to wake you…unless…it’s a ringtone.

So after scrapping these annoying alarm tune apps, I went into iTunes, chose my favourite songs to wake up to, made AAC copies of them, went to the copies on my hard drive, changed the files from m4a to m4r (the ringtone file extension), then added the files to iTunes and voila, a song to wake up to.  They will just get cut off if you use these as your phone ringtone (ringtones are 40 seconds or shorter), but now I can choose them under the original iPhone clock app and it won’t kill my battery.

Look at me and my bad self!  Sometimes it’s good to be a geek. ;0)


~ by Pho3nix on January 16, 2010.

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